Big Money

Genre: crime drama
Footage: 5 x 56 min.
Shooting location: Czech Republic, Austria, Germany

After the Velvet Revolution comes a time of unlimited opportunities in Czechoslovakia. The future is fresh and full of new possibilities. Money is there for the taking, and the ones who are adventurous in business are reaping the rewards before anyone else comes along.

This TV miniseries tells four stories that are set within the drama of modern Central European history, which will never be repeated. Four Prague friends at the beginning of the 1990’s make a bet about which one of them would make a million Czech crowns the fastest. In the time of the Wild East, when multinational corporations are starting to invest in the newly emerging democratic country, where the justice system is still in its infancy and sufficiently flexible, and when almost nobody knows how to operate the market economy, it looks like an easy task to accomplish. None of the friends know that it will be a fateful decision that turns all their lives upside down and changes them forever.