Neustern is a creative production company from Central Europe.
Our work focuses on a developement of new ideas for TV and film production.

Our creative process is divided into three parts:

developing ideas

The basis of any successful TV show or movie is something original, something „not seen before“. This is why we place considerable focus on the writing phase of our set-ups. Every original content created by Neustern looks for a different approach. We aim to shed new light on the creative process and therefore offer the viewer a unique experience.

organizing pre-production

A great script and a well organized pre-production phase can save a great deal of time and energy during shooting.
In this phase we put together a team of experienced writers and keep track with our prepared set-up, so we can pick the right crew, locations and actors without losing the overall concept and art of our work


We cooperate with international production teams who can transform our ideas into great pictures for viewers around the world. The production companies we have good experience with are Prague Film Production, Happy Celluloid and Luxor Film.

past projects

are we?

  • Roman Kopřivík

    Roman Kopřivík

    A screenwriter and story editor for many Czech TV series. He wrote his own original shows Znamení koně and Hasiči. He also worked as a story editor on the long running TV series Rodinná pouta and Velmi křehké vztahy. In recent years he had worked as a head writer of one of the most successful long running Czech TV series Modrý kód. He graduated from the Film and TV Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU) as a screenwriter. He was also a composer, lyrics writer and piano player in the well known Czech underground band Krásné nové stroje.

  • Kristián Kopřivík

    Kristián Kopřivík

    An account manager in a digital agency and also a freelance screenwriter and copywriter. He successfully graduated from the Film and TV program at Panská Prague technical high school and has been working in the field ever since. He is a co-writer of two TV series for Czech television, writer of short stories and poems and also a co-founder of the social project #kafesbabi, which focuses on improving the relationship between the elderly and younger generations.

  • Klára Kopřivíková

    Klára Kopřivíková

    Photographer, executive producer and continuity supervisor assistant. She graduated from the Film and TV program at Panská Prague technical high school and is a co-writer of a Czech television TV series. As well as her work in film, she also studies Italian studies at Charles University and runs the social project #kafesbabi as one of its co-founders.